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    Manufacturer of High-Quality Lamps and Shades.

    Manufacturer of High-Quality Lamps

    Brand BELIS

    The light plays an important role in our life. It enriches interiors by adding them some depth and creates a unique atmosphere. Well-suited lightning has a great impact both for our health and aesthetic sense as well as the ambience of interior design.

    The light facilitates performing daily activities effectively no matter whether it is reading a favorite book, making delicious dinner for the closest or doing chores.

    BELIS Offer


    The „Belis” company is a reputable family company famous from its passion and individual approach. Our ageless lamp embellish classic and modern interiors. An innovative wire or metal join with a light bulb creates an illusion of light and shade play.

    We aim to respond to our clients’ expectation by offering customized products by choosing lampshade size and color, fabrics and light points.

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    Have a Question?

    Please contact our customer service department.