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The „Belis” company has specialized in producing top quality lampshades and majestic lamps for years. We are proud of being trusted by hundreds of customers.

On a daily basis we follow global trends to meet our clients’ expectations. The state-of-art projects are reflected in our collections. In our wide product line you find both ceiling lamps which illumine entire rooms and spotlight lamps which highlight a selected zone. We are happy to offer you high-quality products made with precision and attention to detail.

We are distinguished by using finest fabrics for lampshade production. We are highly focused on delivering top quality products ensuring design and implementation meet high standards. Quality assurance observes each element to provide our clients with first-class end result.

We offer a wide range of interior light for living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, office/cabinet and kids/teenage room.

First-rate fabrics used for lampshade production are delivered from polish manufacturers or imported from EU.

The „Belis” company is a reputable family company famous from its passion and individual approach. Our ageless lamp embellish classic and modern interiors. An innovative wire or metal join with a light bulb creates an illusion of light and shade play.

We aim to respond to our clients’ expectation by offering customized products by choosing lampshade size and color, fabrics and light points.

The step-by-step production process is fully owned by our company. It guarantees high-quality products and ensures competitive price.

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Have a Question?

Please contact our customer service department.